Let's Ask AI - Ingrid Seabra - Boeken - Nonsuch Media Pte. Ltd. - 9781954145108 - 29 oktober 2021
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Let's Ask AI

Ingrid Seabra

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Let's Ask AI

Let's Ask AI explores philosophical questions through the lens of Artificial Intelligence. The brilliance of AI answers questions from centuries-old philosophy questions, ranging from existentialism, ethics, life, God, and more recent ideas of qualia and singularity. By approaching this subject matter philosophically, Let's Ask AI is accessible to those without a technical background or an interest in technology. This book features a series of questions that philosophers have been asking themselves for centuries, such as: "What is the purpose of existence?" or "Is there such a thing as free will?". In this book, you will explore these questions (among many) through a series of questions posed by the author to A. I. and its responses. A collection of conversations between AI and the authors, this book will leave you asking more questions than ever before! This is the first edition of the Let's Ask AI series.

Media Boeken     Hardcover Book   (Boek met harde rug en kaft)
Vrijgegeven 29 oktober 2021
ISBN13 9781954145108
Uitgevers Nonsuch Media Pte. Ltd.
Pagina's 194
Afmetingen 152 × 229 × 13 mm   ·   430 g
Taal en grammatica Engels  

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