Legal Detriment - Vince Aiello - Boeken - SarEth Publishing House - 9780988341326 - 1 december 2013
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Legal Detriment

Vince Aiello

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Legal Detriment

ROGER LEGION, the head of a prestigious San Diego law firm, rules his lawyers with an iron fist, instilling in them a warrior mentality. Two of the attorneys, MIKE EIFFERT and TED THEOPOLIS, plan and carry out the robbery of a drug dealer. Events do not go as planned. At the same time the robbery is occurring, an insurance claims manager is brutally murdered. The evidence leads the police to Mike Eiffert. The drug dealers are also closing in on Mike Eiffert. A former lawyer from the firm and mentor to Mike Eiffert, PAUL CLIFFORD, blames Roger Legion for an accident that killed his family. An attempt to carjack Paul Clifford sends him into mental free fall. The carjacking turns into a hostage situation and then a SWAT standoff. All the story lines come together in a violent resolution.

Media Boeken     Paperback Book   (Boek met zachte kaft en gelijmde rug)
Vrijgegeven 1 december 2013
ISBN13 9780988341326
Uitgevers SarEth Publishing House
Pagina's 282
Afmetingen 152 × 229 × 16 mm   ·   417 g
Taal en grammatica Engels  

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